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No Borders Labs is dedicated to ensuring that the NBDR family of companies is perpetually at the forefront of technological deployment & adoption.

We leverage cutting-edge technologies in order to increase shareholder value by cutting cost, improving margins and owning the technologies that provide those values whenever possible.

The No Borders Labs Teams are hyper focused on identifying, documenting and securing as much intellectual property around our work as possible. A strong library of Patents, Trademarks etc. is vital to NBDR’s goals of increasing shareholder value through our in vertical deployment of web 3 technologies such as Blockchains, IoT, Data Analytics and AI(ML).


Our team is world class and diverse, including top-level technology experts, digital and social marketing pros, entrepreneurial risk management specialists, merger & acquisition consultants, and more.

Our broad-based experience allows us to see the big picture, think in whole-systems perspective, and spot hidden opportunities in business blind spots.

Our unique consultative approach evaluates the entirety of operational systems, how each part of the system interacts and integrates in the whole, creating a systemic optimization for maximum impact on NBDR companies bottom lines.

Cryptocurrency Mining

No Borders aims to be a large player in the cryptocurrency mining and staking space.

Labs manages the current NBDR mining operations, as well as oversees development of the next steps.  We aim to build large scale sustainable infrastructure to support the blockchain networks of today and tomorrow, pushing No Borders to the forefront of the publicly-traded mining space.