Lannister Development has extended its reach to many areas of industry with one hope in mind – to integrate the most lucrative, exciting, and secure blockchain technologies that are available today. From our beginnings as Lannister Holdings, Inc., our original intent was to revolutionize the real estate sector. But we knew that blockchain is the future for everyone – not just those in real estate. After all, two thirds of companies expect blockchain to be integrated into their business processes by 2018. It’s safe to say at this point that the revolution is no laughing matter.

Lannister Development was born from this realization. We wanted to make sure that companies nationwide were able to meet the needs of an increasingly technological world. More importantly, we wanted to re-inject the spirit so commonly associated with American startup companies we have been inspired by back into the industries that need it the most. Blockchain is based on peer to peer action, thus it commands a sort of respect and autonomy for all involved. Corporations have clearly lost touch with the benefits of P2P; blockchain hopes to invigorate once more this sense of respect which again is vital for future success.

Lannister Development is now accepting clients who are interested in considering blockchain or smart contracts. This interest doesn’t have to be permanently implemented into your business model straight away. We understand that Blockchain is a relatively new concept for business operations and that discretion and caution is required to ensure continual growth. But blockchain usage is rapidly progressing among the most competitive companies. Integrating these solutions into your company means that you have safe, publicly verifiable information without having to fret over the vulnerabilities a centralized database. If recent data attacks have told us anything, it is this: Possessing millions of files in one centralized location, brimming with sensitive customer information, is a sure-fire way to sell disaster. Blockchain prevents this upsetting pattern of success and failure that has led to embarrassing public scandal and – dare we say – congressional hearings.

Blockchain software allows transactions to be timestamped and validated regardless of time zone and location. This is only one way in which blockchain technology can be considered revolutionary. Blockchain direct applies to all companies who need to manage massive amounts of customer information or sensitive files. However, blockchain technologies do not need to be limited to only large companies. We work with a variety of different organizations of all sizes, from individual investors to large-scale firms. We believe that offering our services to the underdog will increase competition, while decreasing risk – two concepts deeply associated with a thriving economy, safe from critiques by business news pundits and economic conspiracy theorists.

The greatest innovators only made it to where they are now by taking risks. With Lannister Development, you don’t have to make those risks alone. Our client-centric success methods put your company at the forefront of the Blockchain revolution, and we support your transition into this new model every step of the way. Together, we can turn your company into the next great leader in your industry.

The next step is yours. The question we ask is this: Are you willing to take it?