Small to mid-sized real estate investors truly have the cards stacked against them when it comes to acquiring and maintaining liquid capital. Large-scale competition, nightmare scenes of bureaucracy, and a general lack of control regarding currency exchange makes it extremely difficult for the underdogs to receive any sort of representation within the market. The reason why blockchain is so vital when it comes to the outright disruption of this stagnant industry are three-fold, and we here at Lannister Holdings, Inc. have taken these reasons and applied them to some concrete situations, which many firms may find very intriguing indeed.

P2P Networks 

First of all, blockchain guarantees a peer-to-peer network for the first time in real estate history. The benefits provided to investors of all sizes are quite numerous when they engage with a P2P network. P2P capitalizes on the inner workings of the smart contract, which effectively removes middlemen like brokers and fee heavy participants from the exchange process. The only parties required is the one peer – the buyer – the other peer – the seller – and usually the agent who oversees the execution of the smart contract and monetary exchange. The less parties that are involved, the following effects tend to occur: Sales cycles increase in speed, meaning agents can close more deals, and less is spent on legal, administrative, or transaction fees, meaning more money in the investors’ pockets.

Dynamic use-cases 

Secondly, blockchain is capable of providing good reasons why you should allocate your free resources towards your business. If two-thirds of emerging companies are going to be using blockchain technology to improve their business practice at this present moment, why limit blockchain development as a passing fad? What Lannister Development is especially good at is providing the most relevant developmental skills for your technological infrastructure, ranging from computer languages like C++ and Python, to web development services like Golang and Ruby-on Rails. In addition, we offer e-Commerce Frameworks, server-side services and client-side services to keep you one step ahead of the curve. These modern technologies can be scaled according to need; we don’t have to replace an entire system if it’s not needed. Rather, we can improve on and integrate blockchain into existing programs, tools, and hardware to get you where you need to be – the forefront of your industry with reduced cost, mitigated risk, and value increasing intellectual property.

Smart Contracts

Finally, blockchain is not a system that isolates emerging markets from one another, as was hinted at in the second item. Additional information can be added into the original content of the smart contract in order to create up-to-date information for members of the peer-to-peer network, as was addressed in the first point. Let’s say you, the potential seller, has invested in renewable energy like solar panels on a rooftop, which has its own smart contract secured on the blockchain platform. The information within that contract can be added in full transparency to another smart contract between you, the buyer, and the agent; these edits automatically calculate new property values, projected utility costs, zoning regulations buyers and agents need to be aware of, etc. We can see quite clearly from this hypothetical exactly what blockchain technology and development is capable of doing, not just for real estate, but for social infrastructure in its many different manifestations.

Blockchain can easily be applied to large-scale firms and be just as applicable to their business practice as they are to smaller investors, this is true. But the great equalizer surrounding this entire discussion is technological empowerment. If smaller investors can have the same technological prowess as a large firm, it reverses the first major obstacle we mentioned right at the beginning. Large scale competitors have to compete against smaller firms, not the other way around. If that doesn’t signify disruption, if that doesn’t signify revolution – we may have to come up with an even stronger word to define it.